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7725Problem With Drives Being Recognized After Reboot

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  • cmcferin
    Feb 24, 2009
      I will try to make this short and preface this that I am new "new" to
      Linux but do not work with it daily so talk slowly. I have two 120 GB
      disks on ports 1 and 2, both in different USB enclosures. My NSLU2 is
      running Unslung Beta 6.10 along with Twonky Media Center. I have
      "Unslinged" to the disk 2. If it matters, the Twonky database and such
      is all on Disk 1.

      Everything worked fine for two or three months (last fall) when I
      re-did everything and upgraded from 6.8. However, I shut down the
      NSLU2 for a few months as I was not using it and last week I restarted
      it and Disk 1 on Port 1 then showed "Not Formatted".
      I tried to get it to work to no avail. I finally cracked the drive
      case, switched the Hard Drive jumper from Cable Select to Master, and
      it worked! Left it running for a few days, no issues. I shut it down
      for about three days, came back yesterday, and now Disk 1 says "Not
      installed"? What is going on?

      I have not had a chance to go back and change the jumper, but honestly
      would like to know more about what is going on before I start messing
      with the drive. Any ideas? I have had issues like this in the past
      where the initial start after a long period of downtime forces a
      restart, but that normally fixes it. I just want it to work when I
      need it to, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.