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7721Update Mode not working

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  • gooner_ramit
    Feb 17, 2009
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      I'm trying to reflash my slug. (have been running openslug for a long
      time, then one day it disappeared off of the network). I decided that I
      might as well try out the Debian firmware...

      But I can't get it into update mode. With only the power and ethernet
      cables attached, I power up the slug with the reset button pushed and
      wait. Although the top 'ready' led does come on green, it very quickly
      goes out and the second 'ethernet' status led lights up green. There is
      no change in led status within 20 or so seconds of booting up the slug.
      BUT - if I carry out these steps with the network cable unplugged it
      goes through the update mode faultlessly; the top led lights orange for
      10 or so seconds, then it switches to red and releasing the reset
      button makes the top led flash red and green - UNTIL I plug in my
      ethernet cable (well, its not much use without it ;) at which time the
      top led goes out and the second 'network' led lights constantly green.
      My sercomm utility can't find the slug at this stage, so I am assuming
      that it is not in upgrade mode...

      Also, using the 'arping' command from linux to try to get into the
      Redboot does not work for me either. In fact, if I ping
      during the slug boot I never get any response (nor a continuous ping -b)


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