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7609Can't get the slug to boot off of a new thumbdrive...

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  • JLB
    Oct 30 10:20 PM
      Hey all.

      On a different topic from what I've been talking about on this list
      previously, I've been trying to upgrade my slug from a 2GB internal USB
      MicroSD reader to an 8GB internal USB MicroSDHC reader. Now, the slug can
      *SEE* this drive.. I can mount it, and in fact that's how I copied over
      the entire contents of my previous 'hard drive' (and before I ask, *YES*,
      I *DID* mark the new partition as 'bootable' ;) ). However, it refuses to
      boot off of it. It just sit there with the Ready/Status light amber, and
      that's all she wrote. Plugging in my old 2GB stick to the back gets the
      thing to boot-- and, yes, it can STILL see the new 8GB stick, mount it,

      It just won't boot off of the thing.

      I've even tried applying the label '8gb' to the first partition on
      this 'drive' and going:

      apex-env setenv cmdline 'console=ttyS0,115200 rtc-x1205.probe=0,0x6f noirqdebug root=/dev/disk/by-label/8gb'

      ...but no dice. It simply won't boot off of this thing.

      Any ideas?
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