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7606Getting upslug to upgrade firmware

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  • Santosh Sam Koshy
    Oct 28, 2008
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      Dear All,

      On web upgrade of my slug with a firmware that I downloaded from the
      linksys site, the system crashed and thereafter, I have been unable to
      detect it from the linksys software as well as from the web access.

      I downloaded a telnet utility to probe into redboot just after it
      boots. This utlity gives me a redboot prompt and allows me to throw
      the slug into an upgrade mode.

      To upgrade thereafter, I am using the upslug2 tool from my host PC.
      The problem that I face is that the upslug program returns a bad
      signature error. This has caused me incapable of upgrading the
      firmware. The firmware ends with a .bin extension. and upslug uses a
      .img extension.

      Can somebody throw some light on how I can upgrade the firmware???

      Thanks in advance
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