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7583write to DISC1

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  • Staber Hans Peter
    Oct 4, 2008
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      I am a newbie to the NSLU2. I have googled a bit and tried to find
      something regarding disc write access on the FAQ and in the vaults -
      to no avail. I am quite embarassed about what I need to ask the group
      with my first question :

      I can read the data from my 300 GB disk attached to a NSLU2 but I
      cannot write to it. And this despite my efforts to have "rw" access
      setup for the shares. Yes - I have the slug in the same workgroup
      than the laptop (I edited samba.conf accordingly).
      Where do I need to pick up the rope to get to a solution to this
      (simple) problem ?

      My hardware : Dell Latitude D430 laptop, dualboot WinXP Pro and
      Debian 4.0r4 in a LAN

      Hans Peter Staber
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