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7574Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Welland Greenstar HDD spindown problem

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  • Mike (mwester)
    Oct 1, 2008
      tjrundy wrote:
      > so on the face of it, it seems a pretty nifty piece of kit. Now I'm
      > back from my summer hols, I'm back on the case of trying to get this
      > HDD working with Openslug.

      OpenSlug (aka SlugOS) or Unslung? Your comments below seem to imply

      > Remember my original problem was:
      > When connected to the NSLU2, at boot it mounts it as /dev/sdb and
      > HDD_1_1_1. When the drive is subsequently accessed and it's in this
      > 'Power Off' state, it then mounts it as /dev/sdc and HDD_1_2_1. If the
      > drive powers off again, next time it will appear as /dev/sdd and
      > HDD_1_3_1, and so on.
      > Unfortunately there's no way to set the enclosure to spindown but
      > never 'power-off'.
      > Please does anyone know how I can force subsequent mounts to use the
      > same device and HDD_1_1_1?
      > Does anyone have any idea about this? Please, Pretty please? ;)

      If this is, in fact, Unslung, it's pretty unlikely that you'll get this
      to work the way you want it. The fundamental problem is that the
      mechanism that handles this is proprietary Linksys code.

      For SlugOS (and other distros like Debian) it should just work -- udev
      should take care of the situation, and if you are mounting by UUID or
      label, it doesn't matter if it gets a new /dev node.

      Mike (mwester)
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