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7528Defective RAM?

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  • rspitzde
    Aug 8 1:06 AM
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      Hello Slug Community,

      this is my first post in this group, and I hope that I chose the
      correct group for my problem. If not, please direct me to a better
      place to post my question. I don't believe this is a Linux/Debian
      issue, but rather a hardware issue.

      I bought a used slug in the beginning of this year and installed
      Debian on it. It's been running ok, but I got regular error messages
      (on the average at least once a day) in the kernel log like this:

      Mar 12 19:50:03 slug kernel: Bad page state in process 'rrdtool'
      Mar 12 19:50:03 slug kernel: page:c02e2ac0 flags:0x00000000
      mapping:00000040 map count:0 count:0
      Mar 12 19:50:03 slug kernel: Trying to fix it up, but a reboot is

      The process causing these messages wasn't always the same, so I
      think I can rule out software errors. This also happened with
      different kernel versions.

      I could live with these messages since they didn't seem to effect
      routine operations too much, but for the last couple of weeks, the
      slug has been crashing more and more often. This seems to have been
      aggravated by the well-known power supply problem. With a new power
      supply, I could get the slug up and running again, but the "bad page
      state" problem remained. It even occured in the Debian installer, so
      I decided to go for a new slug instead, which hasn't yet shown this

      Is anybody here who has heard about this issue before? Earlier
      research on the Web indicated that this error could result from a
      defective RAM, but I can't find that source any more.

      Before I throw my old slug away, is there any chance I could get it

      Regards, Richard