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752Re: "Define Backup Job" Problems

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  • Todd O. Klindt
    Feb 1, 2005
      I had some trouble with this. Crank up the login failure events on
      your Windows box and see how the NSLU2 is trying to log in. I found
      that while I thought the NSLU2 would log in using a local account,
      it was adding my domain name to the user it was trying to log in as,
      which is why it was failing. The event in the Event Log was what
      head me to that.

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "markbres" <markbres@y...>
      > I am getting an error when I try to define and run a backup job
      > my PC to the NSLU2. I hope someone has some successful experience
      > doing this sort of thing ;)
      > For the This NSLU2 section I've defined Share as "Disk1" and
      Folder as
      > "/Pictures".
      > For the Other Device section I've defined the name as
      either "foop4"
      > or the IP address of the machine "" and the shared
      > as "/Pictures"
      > I've tried both leaving the Access Requires Login unchecked or
      > checking it and supplying either my local admin ID and password or
      > NSLU2 ID and password.
      > In all cases I get a log entry that the backup job has started but
      > then an error stating: "01/31 23:31:02 Backup: Job 'Pictures'
      > cannot connect to file server '//foop4/Pictures'..
      > How does the NSLU2 connect to my local machine? Is there something
      > need to enable on my XP box to make this work?
      > Thanks,
      > mlb
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