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7513NSLU2 IP 0,0,0,0

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  • Michael Canavatchel
    Aug 1, 2008
      (Running WinXP SP3 connected directly into the NSLU2 via ethernet)

      I am hoping that someone can help me figure out what happened to my Slug!

      I had initially ran Sercomm and updated the NSLU firmware to unslung
      6.10 beta, of course I did NOT follow the directions explicitly, I just
      wanted a simple file server that could be expanded at a later date. I
      had an 80gig NTFS on USB2 and a 250gig EXT3 on USB1. I had configured
      the slug for fixed ip

      After several weeks I wanted to share our music across the share using

      Going back to the Unslung readme, I realized that I had not "unslung"
      the firmware onto my external hd. So I disconnected the hard drives,
      telneted into redboot, but when I did, I was not prompted for a user
      name or password. I found that strange, but when I tried to connect the
      EXT3 hard disk, I was immediately disconnected from my telnet session. I
      telneted in several more times with the same result, connect the drive,
      get disconnected. On my last telnet session I began to poke around and
      everything I typed, except 'help' returned an error.

      I thought maybe I needed to follow the readme and start over (No, I
      didn't back up the original unslung flash.) so I re-flashed the slug
      with Sercomm and Unslung 6.10 beta. I put the slug in upgrade mode with
      the reset button and everything went perfectly, however when the slug
      rebooted, I could no longer access it. I ran NetStat -an and I could see
      the slug at IP 0,0,0,0 listening with the port numbers following the ip

      I obviously can't telnet into the slug and the web interface no longer
      works no matter what IP I enter. I can still get into upgrade mode with
      the reset button but I have a feeling that re-flashing isn't going to do
      anything unless I can specify a default IP address.

      I've waded through the nslu2-linux.org site, wiki, FAQ and dozens of
      pages on google but I can't find a solution. I do have hope because I
      can still access the slug through upgrade mode.

      I know there is a genius or two in the group here, can someone help me?

      Mike C
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