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7454Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Anyone use the 2 extra USB port mod and always power-on their slug via USB?

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  • Rod Whitby
    Jul 3, 2008
      pinforest wrote:
      > I'm powering my slug via only 1 USB cable through a USB powered HUB
      > that only supplies 0.5A. I don't think this setup will change if and
      > when I find someone to add the 2 extra ports for me.

      If you plug current-using devices into your other existing port or any
      of the 2 extra ports, then you may find that 0.5A is not enough capacity
      to drive both the NSLU2 and those USB bus-powered devices.

      Indications of this happening are spontaneous reboots of the NSLU2, or
      corruption of flash drives when writing.

      -- Rod
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