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7437Re: [nslu2-general] NSLU2 Major Problem

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  • Robert Hammond
    Jun 24, 2008
      In message <15189107-B424-473F-BBE0-F9C67768254A@...>, Eike Lang
      <mail@...> writes
      >Am 23.06.2008 um 22:45 schrieb Robert Hammond:
      >[slug issues]
      >> I think that it's time to get the test meter out, will start with the
      >> power supply.
      >Based on your description I'd wager a guess it is indeed the PSU (or,
      >to use
      >one of the most hilarious english words I've learned in years "wall
      >Measure the 5V at the USB ports under load - in my case (faulty PSU,
      >operation ever since replacing it) they dropped to around 3V when
      >was connected there.
      Yes indeed. Fault diagnosed as low voltage when the disk is plugged

      So I followed a hint from the Wiki which infers changing a large
      capacitor in the power supply and the voltage now seems stable at
      exactly 5 volts, with or without load (will monitor this, seems to be
      still stable after 2 hours running).

      And my NSLU2 seems to boot up correctly.

      But it is now broken in another way. I cannot see it over the network.

      The ether port seems to be live. Also I have re-booted my router just
      in case the problem is else where. The web interface, shares and pings
      etc all time out.

      I have also tried detecting the NSLU2 using the original set up CD that
      came with the unit but cannot detect it on the network.

      Running the unit low voltage yesterday has obviously broken something,
      I noticed that the unit seemed to keep re-booting about every 10 second
      or so.
      Hopefully a data corruption some where rather than hardware fault.

      Later today I will check through the mailing list postings, I seem to
      remember some posts on this subject.
      Robert Hammond
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