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7410Continuous Disk Access?

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  • ralph.unslunger
    Jun 10, 2008
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      I've just installed Unslung 6.10 Beta on my NSLU2, unlung it onto my
      Western Digital, My Book Essential, 500GB (WD WDH1U5000E) USB HD, and
      installed openssh and ushare.

      All is working just fine (great work people!) except ...

      I notice that the HD is being accessed every couple of seconds - even
      when nobody is using the UPnP server.

      Can anyone suggest any possible reasons for this?

      I've seen
      - http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/FAQ/SpinDownUSBHarddisks
      but I don't _think_ it is relevant as I am not wanting to spin down
      an HD that is not being used, but rather I am wanting to know why an
      HD is being used at all!

      Meanwhile, I see with ps that there are a number of "ushare"
      processes plus a upnpd process. Can anyone tell me the relationship
      between these? (I've seen there is mention of UPnP on the Unslung
      NSLU2 web interface, and was starting to wonder if I needed to
      install ushare at all! (Or if unslung+upnp wouldn't work fine in
      flash rather than on HD))
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