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7359Installation Question

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  • donnie_r_shelton
    May 10, 2008
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      OK, so I am a complete newby at unslung.

      Here is what I did.

      1) I followed the installation instructions to install unslung.

      2) When I installed I put the installation on my first hard disk (500G) and formatted it as

      3) I am having problems formatting the 2 HD but I think that I can probably work around
      that. For now it is not working. I think that I saw a post about this issue.

      4) I cannot access the disks from windows now. It is interesting because windows sees
      NSLU2 as a web server but nothing else. When I try a "\\slug" it complains that it cannot
      find it.

      Is this a samba issue? I looked over my config and it seems to be ok (though I am no
      expert at samba).

      The main thing I want to know is why Windows is having issues with seeing the server. Is it
      because the HD is ext3 or is it because Samba is having issues.

      Can anyone provide some insight? Comments and suggestions are appreciated.