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7353Re: [nslu2-general] Re: NSLU2 using 7805s and a 12V battery

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  • Peter Serbe
    May 4, 2008
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      Hi there guys,

      take a tip from an old H/W engineer:
      surf to the National website (www.national.com) and then go on
      the webench design software. Fill in Your specs - it will
      propose You an LM25576. You may have to register though.

      It's not worth to try to learn the intricacies of switching
      regulator design for such a simple task.

      Best regards

      Philip Pemberton wrote:
      > efilvasers wrote:
      >> oabroad: a schematic and parts list would be great.
      >> I've been fiddling with other ways; if I don't have the parts to make
      >> a switching regulator, I'll probably use a 2N3055 with a 7805.
      > Take a look at this:
      > <http://www.romanblack.com/smps/smps.htm>
      > It's a two-transistor (plus three resistors, three capacitors and a Zener
      > diode) switching regulator based on parts you can get from most electronics
      > parts dealers. You might need to wind the inductor yourself, or steal one from
      > a broken electronic device of some kind (or even a PC power supply if you have
      > a broken one lying around).
      > The beauty of it is that it'll work with most small inductors and is
      > incredibly easy to build. It's also a nice, easy introduction to the workings
      > of an SMPSU (moreso with Roman's explanation of how it all works).
      > If you want more info on SMPSUs, Microchip's website has an appnote on "buck"
      > switch-mode converter design -- the so-called buck topology is a voltage
      > step-down type SMPSU variant (Boost is one of the other topologies, there are
      > a ton of others - see
      > <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched-mode_power_supply> for a bit more info).
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