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7352Re: [nslu2-general] Re: NSLU2 using 7805s and a 12V battery

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  • Philip Pemberton
    May 4, 2008
      efilvasers wrote:
      > oabroad: a schematic and parts list would be great.
      > I've been fiddling with other ways; if I don't have the parts to make
      > a switching regulator, I'll probably use a 2N3055 with a 7805.

      Take a look at this:

      It's a two-transistor (plus three resistors, three capacitors and a Zener
      diode) switching regulator based on parts you can get from most electronics
      parts dealers. You might need to wind the inductor yourself, or steal one from
      a broken electronic device of some kind (or even a PC power supply if you have
      a broken one lying around).

      The beauty of it is that it'll work with most small inductors and is
      incredibly easy to build. It's also a nice, easy introduction to the workings
      of an SMPSU (moreso with Roman's explanation of how it all works).

      If you want more info on SMPSUs, Microchip's website has an appnote on "buck"
      switch-mode converter design -- the so-called buck topology is a voltage
      step-down type SMPSU variant (Boost is one of the other topologies, there are
      a ton of others - see
      <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched-mode_power_supply> for a bit more info).

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