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7318Unable to connect to my SLUG

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  • Steve Phariss
    Apr 23, 2008
      I am unable to connect into my SLUG. I was on unslung 5.5 untill I put it
      in storage, just recently I pulled it out again and wanted to upgrade it to
      6.10 I no longer have the original disks I had hooked up to it.

      I hooked up a network to it (Linux eth0 and was unable to
      bring up a web page or even ping it. as the frustration mounted <G> I
      tried upslug2 on it and I was able to flash the 6.10 firmware. I again
      tried to connect to the slug but was not able too. I thought that it might
      be something with the load, so I flashed the original linksys firmware.
      still no joy on connecting to the slug.

      So I guess I have a couple questions:
      1) Might I have damaged the slug by the firmware updates (upslug2 reported a
      successful flash each time)
      2) maybe I am doing something wrong with my network settings.
      3) since the last flash upgrade was to Linksys 2.3R29 (after having been 5.5
      and 6.10), is it REALLY at Linksys 2.3R29 level?

      If anyone has any Ideas they would be appreciated.


      Steve P

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