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7285Re: [nslu2-general] Problem with BST and File Synchronisation

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  • Carl Lowenstein
    Mar 31, 2008
      On 3/31/08, ian_jefferyes <nslu2@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am using my NSLU2 for backing up all of my pictures, videos, music
      > etc and am using a program called SyncBack to do the copying.
      > But the problem I am hitting is that since the clocks went forward for
      > British Summer Time (BST), all of the files now say that they are an
      > hour out and therefore it is trying to copy them all again, aaahh!!
      > Can someone tell me how I can get around this.
      > I have tried playing with the time settings on the NSLU2 but these
      > seem to make no difference.

      Shouldn't you be keeping file times in UTC? That doesn't change with
      Summer Time. Maybe SyncBack is a Windows-centric program and doesn't
      know that file times should be kept in UTC, and displayed to the user
      in local time.

      carl lowenstein
      marine physical lab, u.c. san diego
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