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7268Re: Spin-up maxtor onetouch

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  • David Shepherd
    Mar 28, 2008
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "David Shepherd" <david@...> wrote:
      > I'm using Unslung 6.10 and after following instructions on how to move
      > /var and /dev to a ramdisk + added noatime to the disk mounts I
      > managed to get my Maxtor Onetouch III to spin down (no 5 sec flicker
      > on disk light + after 10-15 mins disk definitely span down)! However,
      > when I looked at the slug a couple of days later found it no longer
      > thought it had a USB disk attached + attempts to login into it or
      > access it via web interface failed.
      > Looking at nslu2-linux.org saw comments abut IO requests timing out
      > when Seagate freeagents had spun down along with a "fix" involving
      > creating an auto_restatr file in a dir under /sys/ ... however, this
      > seems to be for Debian and I'm on Unslung ... any ideas whether
      > there's an equivalent fix I can use.
      > If not ... while it seems "tidy" to be able to get the Onetouch to
      > spindown (its mainly aimed at being a backup server which will
      > eventually run rsnapshot once or twice a day to snapshot my main
      > active NAS drive slo its not really in use much at the moment) is it
      > really necessary to get the drive to spin down .... will it affect
      > reliability much etc?

      Update on how I got on.

      After getting the disk to spin down and the finding it wouldn't spin
      up I restarted everything and didin't do the copy /var to ram disk
      trick again ... however I found that after a day or so the NSLU2 was
      crashed with a spun down disk. I tried reformatting disk and
      re-unslinging etc but same thing happens,

      Eventually I took the "last resort" and used the LinkSys Eraseall tool
      to revert to (as close as possible to) its initial state. This worked

      N.b. as is the habit of things on internet the whole EraseAll
      situation has become totally exagerated and when googling to find out
      how to use it I found endless websites which solemnly declare that if
      you use eraseall then your NSLU2 will be permanently bricked! Given
      that its a tool produced by Linksys this would seem unlikely but
      common sense is not a major asset in parts of the web! Clearly
      eraseall is more dangerous than other toosl to reflash the NSLU2 since
      it apparent rewrites all the redboot code so if something does go
      wrong you may have bricked the NSLU2 so for standard unslinging etc
      its safer to use something less drastic ... however, in my situation
      (to quote a UK TV advert) "it did what it says on the can".

      With the NSLU2 back to standard Linksys stae I was able to unsling and
      so far after a week or so its all working ok. Maxtor disk is not
      spinning down but I'm not seeing that as a problem ... in fact if
      anything when lookinhg for info on any issues from 24/7 running on the
      Seagate/Maxtor web site the info given there was definitely that disk
      are designed to be able to run constantly and if there is an issue its
      with constant spin down/spin up cycles!

      Again I think I'd fallen for "web folklore" as I recall some of the
      original IBM deskstars had reliabiliyt problems which IBM at the time
      tried to explain by saying "well, they're desktop drives which aren't
      meant to be used more than 8 hours a day".
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