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7217Re: [nslu2-general] NSLU beginner - programmer with big problems :-(

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  • Mike (mwester)
    Mar 11, 2008
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      jeppepeder wrote:
      > Hello !
      > I hope that someone PLEASE could help me, because I have spend more
      > than 40 hours on trying upgrading my NSLU. Now I have lost contact
      > with the NSLU and cant use it.
      > I have read a lot of webpages and used google, but not found a
      > solution.
      > I have tryed to update the NSLU in two wayes but can't get further
      > on. In the following text I will explain what the status is, and the
      > status is called STATUS A and STATUS B. In both cases I try to upload
      > the firmware "Unslug 6.10Beta firmware" forund here:
      > STATUS A:
      > ----------
      > I have downloaded the upgrade-program UgUtil described on the page
      > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Main/SercommFirmwareUpdater where I
      > found the link http://www.everbesthk.com/8-
      > download/sercomm/firmware/NU54/Upgrade_207_XP.zip.
      > First I bring the NSLU into the UpgradeMode readu for firmware
      > upgrade.
      > When I run the program Ugutil it find the NSLU and ask for the file
      > to upload. I select the first Unslug file mentioned on the page
      > http://www.slug-firmware.net/ with the text "Download Unslung
      > binaries". The program get through the "Erase EProm" an get further
      > to the "upload frimware", but it stay at 0% upload and the UgUtil
      > program send me an error message...

      Can you share that error message with us? That might be helpful.

      Lacking any other information, it seems as though you may have a network
      problem of sorts. Can you also describe how your host PC and the NSLU2
      are connected to the network, and what you have tried already (in terms
      of changing cables, etc.)?

      Mike (mwester)
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