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7216NSLU beginner - programmer with big problems :-(

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  • jeppepeder
    Mar 11, 2008
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      Hello !
      I hope that someone PLEASE could help me, because I have spend more
      than 40 hours on trying upgrading my NSLU. Now I have lost contact
      with the NSLU and cant use it.
      I have read a lot of webpages and used google, but not found a

      I have tryed to update the NSLU in two wayes but can't get further
      on. In the following text I will explain what the status is, and the
      status is called STATUS A and STATUS B. In both cases I try to upload
      the firmware "Unslug 6.10Beta firmware" forund here:

      STATUS A:
      I have downloaded the upgrade-program UgUtil described on the page
      http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Main/SercommFirmwareUpdater where I
      found the link http://www.everbesthk.com/8-
      First I bring the NSLU into the UpgradeMode readu for firmware
      When I run the program Ugutil it find the NSLU and ask for the file
      to upload. I select the first Unslug file mentioned on the page
      http://www.slug-firmware.net/ with the text "Download Unslung
      binaries". The program get through the "Erase EProm" an get further
      to the "upload frimware", but it stay at 0% upload and the UgUtil
      program send me an error message.

      STATUS B:
      I followed the UpSlug2 guide on the page http://www.nslu2-
      linux.org/wiki/Main/UpSlug2. My computer normaly run Win XP and
      because of that, I made a CD with Knoppix from the page
      http://www.knoppix.net/. Knoppix is a Linux version that run from a
      CD-drive even though the computer have WinXP installed. My computer
      runs fine with Knoppix, and I tried to execute the following commands
      (mentioned in http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Main/UpSlug2):

      cd upslug2
      autoreconf -i

      but get errors at the command autoreconf.

      Please be aware of, that my NSLU all the time run in "upgarde mode".
      By all the time I mean, that eaven when I turn off the power and turn
      it on again, the NSLU returs to "upgrade mode" where the Ready/System
      indicator continously changes between Green and Red.

      Normaly I know how to get things up running, but this time I begin to
      get gray haired. Please help me befor I get too old.
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