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7177Spin-up maxtor onetouch

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  • David Shepherd
    Feb 25 4:02 PM
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      I'm using Unslung 6.10 and after following instructions on how to move
      /var and /dev to a ramdisk + added noatime to the disk mounts I
      managed to get my Maxtor Onetouch III to spin down (no 5 sec flicker
      on disk light + after 10-15 mins disk definitely span down)! However,
      when I looked at the slug a couple of days later found it no longer
      thought it had a USB disk attached + attempts to login into it or
      access it via web interface failed.

      Looking at nslu2-linux.org saw comments abut IO requests timing out
      when Seagate freeagents had spun down along with a "fix" involving
      creating an auto_restatr file in a dir under /sys/ ... however, this
      seems to be for Debian and I'm on Unslung ... any ideas whether
      there's an equivalent fix I can use.

      If not ... while it seems "tidy" to be able to get the Onetouch to
      spindown (its mainly aimed at being a backup server which will
      eventually run rsnapshot once or twice a day to snapshot my main
      active NAS drive slo its not really in use much at the moment) is it
      really necessary to get the drive to spin down .... will it affect
      reliability much etc?
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