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7022Re: [nslu2-general] Device for serial port

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  • Rod Whitby
    Jan 4, 2008
      Gregg C Levine wrote:
      > I see your point, Mike (mwester). I really do. I just brought back the
      > widget that I described below, and as it happens it's got everything shoved
      > into the USB end of things with just the phone connector there, and attached
      > via two small screws. And get this, my Linux box reports the USB ID as the
      > name on the cable, so it might not even be the same chip thing as the pages
      > on the web site we've got reporting as such.

      Please report the vendor and product IDs. The output of lsusb -v should
      show this.

      > Incidentally this one is being sold as a discontinued device, so I suspect
      > that even the phones it went to aren't even made anymore.
      > Well I'll keep trying. I'll probably buy one or the other of these widgets
      > and report back what it is.
      > Do you believe I should draft a wiki page on the subject?

      Please just update the existing page at


      -- Rod
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