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7000Preserving ALLCAPS directory names on FAT partitions

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  • dnquark
    Jan 2, 2008
      I am mounting some FAT32 partitions via a USB hub on port 1 of an
      Unslung slug. I also have Samba 3 installed. Here is a problem: if I
      create a directory FOO, either in Windows or by doing mkdir on the
      slug, it ignores the case and directory foo is created.

      This only happens for short (<= 8 chars) directory names in all caps.
      When I mkdir FoO or FOOFOOFOO, they are created just so.

      This creates potential issues when using rsync due to case-sensitive

      I've read that one can use a shortname=winnt option when mounting FAT
      file systems: "this will stop files and folders that are all
      uppercase from appearing as all lowercase and is only needed for FAT32
      partition." That pertained to Ubuntu, and the advice was to add the
      ollowing line to fstab:
      /dev/hdb2 /mnt/windows_fat vfat umask=000,shortname=winnt 0 0

      Sadly, I don't know enough about Linux to make use of this
      information. Is there some config file that I can edit to tell the
      slug to use the "shortname=winnt" option? I looked at /etc/fstab on
      the slug, but there are no lines that pertain to mounting the port 1

      PS: I know there is an --ignore-case patch to cygwin rsync that I
      would use as a last resort. I'm hoping that this case sensitivity
      issue can be resolved..
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