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6943Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Broken NSLU2 Hardware - USB Power broken?

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  • Eike Michael Lang
    Nov 29, 2007
      Am 28.11.2007 um 19:23 schrieb Robert Hammond:
      > I have some details that will hopefully shorten your search for the
      > correct power supply.
      > The correct Linksys power supply is available from retailers, It's the
      > same power supply as used by at least one of the Linksys IP phones.
      > These phones are supplied without a power supply because they assume
      > that most users will use power over Ethernet. Because of this they
      > are available as a separate purchase.
      > I believe that the part number is PA100 5volts at 2amps switched mode.
      Thanks, but some quick research[1] indicates that getting a fix on
      that part
      (at least in Germany) is going to be far more painful than just
      grabbing a
      generic 5V/2A PSU and hooking that up. I'll just make sure I get one
      with the
      5.5x2.5mm jack included (most come with an assortment of exchangeable DC
      jacks) and if all else fails I can still solder the old connector to
      the new PSU.

      I actually have a spare POE splitter lying around that, being a
      Linksys product as
      well, might do the trick nicely. Alas the only POE source I have is a
      POE injector which I need for my VoIP phone. Plus, a POE switch is
      going to set me
      back by a much greater amount than a new PSU, but I digress.


      [1] I can only guess that you are referring to the PSU for the
      Linksys One, which
      they don't have in their German product portfolio.

      Eike Michael Lang
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