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6933Re: [nslu2-general] sda1 on flash, not hdd - should I restart unslinging?

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  • Michael Cooper
    Nov 22, 2007
      Hi Mike,

      I had exactly this problem with a 500gb Freecom drive. I fixed it by doing the following.

      edit the linuxrc file, by changing the "sleep 5" statement

      into "sleep 10". Apparently the hard disk needs more than five seconds

      before it is ready.

      Hope this helps


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      From: Mike (mwester) <mwester@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 10:41:53 PM
      Subject: Re: [nslu2-general] sda1 on flash, not hdd - should I restart unslinging?

      > I succesfully flashed my slug with unslung but ran into problems

      > unslinging to a hard disk, a new Iomega Desktop 500GB


      > I formatted the disk in the web interface, was reported as formatted

      > as ext3. Removed it and rebooted, telnet in, changed password.

      > Reconnected disk, unsling to disk and reports OK.


      > Restart and the disk is seen as unformatted. unslung is running from

      > flash, not disk. Tried reflashing, reformatting etc a few times, no

      > joy, except the disk was recognised at full capacity so I think that's OK.

      You've probably run afoul of the issues that unslung is known to have with

      larger disks. We've never been able to determine the problem, or a good

      workaround, probably because none of the development team have large USB

      devices to test with. :(

      > df reports that /dev/sda1 is mounted as /share/flash/ data rather than

      > hdd and this seems to be the crux of it.

      Yes. We think that the Linksys code to mount the device attempts to check it

      for errors, and runs out of memory (or something). The result is that it

      unmounts the disk, and what you are left looking at is the mount-point on

      the flash . This is just theory, and no workaround has been developed,


      > I'd like to start again, i.e. reflash to Linksys firmware but it seems

      > the reflash leaves some config info intact, e.g. password, device

      > name, workgroup etc.

      I'm not sure what drives you to the conclusion that the config info is the

      problem? It certainly won't make any difference in the problem you've

      outlined above, and it won't help or hinder you in reflashing either. You

      can reflash Unslung, and it will continue to fail just as it did before. :(

      > - Should I reset sysconf > flash with Linksys and restart?

      > http://www.nslu2- linux.org/ wiki/HowTo/ ResetSysConf


      > - or is there a less drastic solution?

      There really is no good solution at this time. Some large disks seem to

      work, others seem to have this problem. Debian or SlugOS are options to

      consider. You can also consider unslinging to a smaller disk, or to a flash

      device, and mounting the large drive as an add-on disk (not natively


      > Thanks for your help,

      > Ben

      Mike (mwester)
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