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6876Re: [nslu2-general] NSLU2 won't power on (power light flashes)

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  • Rod Whitby
    Nov 1, 2007
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      hugow_w wrote:
      > I seem to be having serious problems with my slug. I came back from a
      > vacation and found my slug turned off and I can't seem to get it up
      > and running again.
      > When I press the power button it just flashes once. All the leds on
      > the top (ready/status, ethernet, etc) stay completely turned off. The
      > flashing of the power button only occurs when I unplug the power
      > supply and plug it back in. After that it doesn't do anything anymore.

      Hmm - it seems you are not alone. I have a development slug which
      exhibits the same behaviour. One thing I have noted is that the
      internal 3.3V supply rail (measured at the point where I pick up power
      for the JTAG connector) is showing less than 1V. So this indicates a
      hardware problem.

      > Does anyone have an idea how to get this slug back in business? Thanks
      > in advance!

      Sorry, but I don't.

      -- Rod
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