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6648Re: [nslu2-general] Persistent Unslung Logo

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  • Thomas Cooper
    Aug 8, 2007
      The logo is in your browser cache. You were good to go on the very first

      Clear your cache.

      On 8/6/07, jnewgas <nslu2.10.jnewgas@...> wrote:
      > I have been running Unslung happily, but had an episode of corruption
      > which was not cured by reflashing and erasing the Config Area with
      > Unlsung.
      > Reflashing with Linksys Software however has left the original Unlsung
      > Penguin logo in the top left of the web page? Is this normal ?
      > I have tried flushing the browser caceh but it is definately there.
      > I then tried (the dangerous) Linksys EraseAll utility. The NSLU2 works
      > fine but the Unslung logo remains.
      > Any ideas ?
      > John N

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