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6601Re: What maximum disk size is supported by the NSLU2?

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  • batteriesinc00
    Jul 25, 2007
      i have 2 500GB drives and haven't had any problems

      my setup
      USB #2 Maxtor 500GB EXT3 (formatted buy NSLU2)
      USB #1 Hub with Maxtor 500GB (linux formated FAT), & 160GB (windows
      formated FAT) from time to time i add this one

      points out problems with drives larger then 250GB, i took the gamble
      that i wouldn't have any problems and didn't..

      one thing i can say is access to the drives is a bit slow when trying
      to access the whole directory listing, takes a while to browse that
      much data in a GUI, i'd think smaller drive would be a lot nice if
      your impatient. i would think others have something similar to this
      setup, but i haven't found many posts, either no one is talking or i'm
      one of the lucky few with this setup..

      i've been looking at de-underclocking it, just didn't feel this would
      help my problems.. also i have had an issue when the house gets over
      85F (no A/C in the house) i believe it is related to the drives
      getting quite warm, all lights on the nslu2 go out, but the network
      light, no ssh or web gui anymore.. putting a small fan on the hd's
      when it's this hot and all problems go away.. another downsize of
      large hard drives, or maybe my fault with the brand and case selection..

      hope this help.. i'd be interested to hear if others are using larger
      drives too.

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Matthias Teege
      <matthias-nslu2gen@...> wrote:
      > Moin,
      > I've bought a NSLU2 and now I'm looking for a good disk. The Linksys
      > Support tells me, that the NSLU2 supports only 250GB per disk. Is this
      > true? Kann anyone recommend a disk bigger than that which works on the
      > NSLU2. I'm looking vor a 320GB or 500GB disk.
      > Many thanks
      > Matthias
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