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6512Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Virtual Hosting with THTTPD problems

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  • Peter Richard
    Jul 1 6:19 AM
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      Are you trying this with two copies of thttpd running as described
      at http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/UseTheThttpdWebserver ? By
      using the second copy at port 80 for standard websever and the
      setting the original to use port 8080, I have access to both the
      configuration webpages by using http://myslughost:8080/ and to
      regular webpages at http://slughost/ which you would configure with
      virtual hosting in it's conf file.

      On Jul 1, 2007, at 8:15 AM, bty597733 wrote:

      > SIles, thanks for the info, but logging in via ssh everytime I want
      > to see a different web site seems a complete pain to me.
      > Thi is fustrations as I;d got dyndns set up with 2 domain name that
      > point to my router, which in turn forwarded port 80 to my slug, and
      > the virtual hosting was pointing my my html files for my new site
      > (on one domain), and a to the existing web admin page on another.
      > I can't get the linksys page to see any of my data while virtual
      > hosting is switched on, but I have found a way round the problem...
      > I've switched off virtual hosting and gone back to the original
      > setup. I've create a new index.html file in the /home/httpd/html
      > directory for my home page. Your browser will go to index.html
      > before trying index.cgi (which is what the linksys page uses).
      > Thesefore I go to my web site, and just need to type /index.cgi to
      > access the linksys page (or provide a link on my site to this). It
      > means I can;t have multiple sites as possible under vistual hosting,
      > but at leat I can have a web site plus full usability of the linksys
      > pages.
      > To ensure I don't screw anything up with the linksys pages I've only
      > created index.html in the /html directory, and put everything else
      > my site references in a new /content sub-directory. The only thing
      > you need to do to ensure your new pages work is to chmod 775 them
      > after copying them to the slug.
      > By if anyone can access the data on your disk using virtual hosts
      > I'd be very interested.
      > With thanks, Jase.
      > --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Siles <siles.bazerman@...>
      > wrote:
      >> bty597733 wrote:
      >>> Following the instructions at http://www.nslu2-
      >>> linux.org/wiki/HowTo/VirtualHostingWithTHTTPD I have added a
      > managed
      >>> to host a web site on my slug. However; I now can't access my
      > web
      >>> admin page.
      >>> I followed the instructions and set up the vhosts directory and
      >>> user, followed all of the instructions to create a directory for
      > my
      >>> domain name, and set-up a test web site. I modified my
      > thttpd.conf
      >>> file as directed, and now when I go to my url (externally), my
      >>> router forwards port 80 to my slug and I get my new page.
      > However,
      >>> if I try to access the linksys admin page (using /login.cgi
      >>> or /sharename) I get the following message:
      >>> The requested URL `%.80s' resolves to a file outside the
      > permitted
      >>> web server directory tree.
      >>> I can access the linksys web page from my network, but when ever
      > I
      >>> login to my data, I don't see any information!
      >>> For some reasons my thttpd can no longer see my data etc. Has
      > any
      >>> one else had this problem? Any ideas what it can be? Use the web
      >>> page daily to access my data remotely so any advice is really
      >>> appreciated.
      >>> With thanks, Jase.
      >> Hi Jase,
      >> I have had the same problem, not only using the vhosts but with the
      >> others suggested in the "how to's".
      >> What I did was to have two lines in thttpd.conf. One points to
      >> /www/httpd/html and the other to /home/httpd/html. I comment out
      > the
      >> approptiate line and when I need to get into the admin pages I SSH
      > in
      >> and edit then reboot the slug. Not elegant but works.
      >> Complicating this is my ISP blocking port 80 and needing to port
      > forward
      >> to 8080. Of course they will kindly unblock 80 for $116 a month as
      > a
      >> commercial account. I also have had a problem with creating a new
      > user
      >> as outlined in the "how to" articles. Every time my web site is
      > reached
      >> a login password is requested. Never did find a workarounf fot
      > that, so
      >> I put my /www directory in ADMIN 2.
      >> BTW my website is running on an 8GB Sony flash drive as Disk 2 and
      > a 4GB
      >> Memorex flash drive. Very lowpower and completely silent.
      >> Siles
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