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6465Upgrading to Unslung 6.8...

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  • bty597733
    Jun 17, 2007
      For the last year and a half I've been happily running my NSLU2 with
      Unslung 5.5, a 160gb Maxtor hard disk, and Twonky Vision 2.9,
      serving the need of my Philips sl300i streamium. Setting all of that
      up took some doing (see my posts on media-servers.com (author =
      jase_high)), but it has worked well ever since. However, my needsare
      now changing (most notability I need 2 disks so the data is backed
      up) and have decided to dip my toes once again into the world of
      Unslung configuration.

      I have purchased a second Maxtor hard disk, a Kingston 4gb
      DataTraveller USB2 key, and a Trust 4 port USB2 hub (HU-4440P), and
      envision the following set-up.

      - Clean installation of Unslung 6.8 to usb key on port 2
      - USB Hub on port 1 servicing both Maxtor hard disks formatted as
      - Scheduled backup between these two hard disks
      - Townky Vision 4.3 to service my sl300i (still going strong)

      If I can get this configured I'd really like to try the following:

      - Ftp access to my NSLU2 (really need to be able to upload files
      from the internet)
      - Print server for my Epson Stylus Photo 915 (plugged into USB2 hub)
      - Simple web site running on the NSLU2

      So, the purpose of this post is two fold. Firstly, to see if any one
      has any recommendations about how I go about setting the above up,
      any pitfalls I should be aware of, pointers to any documentation
      around that can help (any help very much appreciated). Secondly, to
      document my experience, and hopefully come up with a guide to how I
      set this up so others can do so as well (without the pain that I'm
      about to go through I suspect).

      A little more about my set-up... I have a Netgear DG384GT router
      (from Sky broadband) which uses DynDNS to provide me with a
      hostname. I also own a Linksys WVC200 wireless web cam, and I can
      access both my NSLU2 and WV200 from the internet by running them on
      different ports and using my router to port forward to the correct
      ip address on my LAN. However, my work has decided to block all but
      the standard ports so I need to find a way of accessing both of
      these devices through port 80 (could I do this via a web site
      running on my NSLU2?).

      Right, I'm off now to back-up all of my data from my current unslung
      hard disk to my new NTFS hard disk, and to do a lot of readingÂ…

      With thanks, Jase.
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