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6347Re: [nslu2-general] Re: jm20337 chipset incompatable w/ NSLU2?

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  • Jeff Costantino
    May 7, 2007
      You'll definitely know if it's not working right pretty quick. My two
      enclosures (still haven't checked the first drive but I assume it's a
      similar chipset) would mount and I could format the drive but couldn't
      copy anything to them or read from them. The strange part is that they
      stopped being recognized and the Disk 1 light would flash once and
      then never stay lit. As soon as I swapped the enclosure I haven't had
      an issue since.

      Jeff Costantino

      On 5/7/07, oabroad <temp2@...> wrote:
      > I had a problem with a Freecom external drive, though it was about two
      > years back so it probably no longer applies. Not just the Slug, it just
      > wouldn't "Talk Linux". I've tried Ubuntu, Knoppix and a Linkstation,
      > actually about the only thing I haven't tried is openslug. I'd try it
      > but after the two enclosures were stripped of their drives one was
      > ditched and the other is now wrapped round an old PC hard drive while
      > someone was "retrieving their old files". Two years later and it's
      > still gathering dust on his desk. If I get it back I'll ID the chip on
      > it and try it on openslug and unslung.
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