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6345Re: jm20337 chipset incompatable w/ NSLU2?

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  • oabroad
    May 7 4:53 AM
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      I had a problem with a Freecom external drive, though it was about two
      years back so it probably no longer applies. Not just the Slug, it just
      wouldn't "Talk Linux". I've tried Ubuntu, Knoppix and a Linkstation,
      actually about the only thing I haven't tried is openslug. I'd try it
      but after the two enclosures were stripped of their drives one was
      ditched and the other is now wrapped round an old PC hard drive while
      someone was "retrieving their old files". Two years later and it's
      still gathering dust on his desk. If I get it back I'll ID the chip on
      it and try it on openslug and unslung.
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