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6318jm20337 chipset incompatable w/ NSLU2?

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  • jeffcostantino
    Apr 24, 2007
      I have two enclosures that do not work with my slug. One I know for sure is a JM20337
      SATA chipset that also has an PATA header in it. I was using a SATA drive (WD 250gig) in
      it. The other enclosure I'm not sure of the chipset but it was exhibiting the exact same
      symptoms as I will describe below:

      First of all, I am using the Unslung 6.8 beta, my slug is about two weeks old and I have
      reset the speed back to 266 mhz. It is unslung to a 250 gig PATA drive on the second USB

      When I first attached the enclosure, the drive was visible with an NTFS partition but it
      wouldn't accept files without freezing. Didn't matter what I copied to it, it would freeze the
      whole system.

      Then I tried a new enclosure (the jm20337 chipset) with the SATA drive and it did the
      exact same thing. I also put a PATA drive in the jm20337 enclosure and it also did the

      At this point, both enclosures wouldn't mount or be seen on the slug. If I plugged a drive
      in, port 1's activity light would flash on and off once and that was it.

      While initially I had the ability to format port 1's drive, it didn't help to use a Linux file
      system over NTFS, both reacted equally poorly.

      Both enclosures were verified working with the SATA 250 gig drive on a PC running XP. In
      fact, since I can't just throw out a drive and enclosure, it is sitting directly attached to the
      PC running fine. Previous to it being in an enclosure, it was a secondary internal drive.
      SMART diagnostics (not just the pass/fail junk but the full set of diagnostics) indicated
      that the drive was extremely healthy.

      Figuring I might have blown the port on the slug, I tried a USB CF reader and a CF card, it
      worked fine. I was going to try a 2.5" drive in a USB 2.0 enclosure but couldn't keep it spun
      up due to the drive power requirements being over USB's ability to provide.

      Are there any PATA or SATA bridges that won't work under the slug? It seems odd that I
      was having so much trouble with those two enclosures but my first PATA drive has been
      running with no issues at all.

      I'm going to be receiving a 320gig PATA drive in the mail soon and will be using it with a
      different enclosure, hopefully I will have better results.
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