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6315Re: new debain installer

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  • mujjauk
    Apr 25, 2007
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "johnboy4809" <johnboy4809@...>
      > Can anyone help
      > Im trying to install debain on my slug, i can get past the formatting
      > stage but when i start to install the base system i keep getting
      > network error and putty disconnects is anyone else having this poblem
      > and is it my network?
      > aslso at one point it asked me to chose the kernal, i cant remember
      > which i chose but it crashed and stoped install so not sure which
      > kernel to choose
      > thanks
      > John

      I was only asked for Kernel etc if the base installation was
      interrupted and I had to return to the main menu. When I let it run all
      the way through I wasn't asked for anything.

      For the problems with network connection, if you can no longer ping
      your NSLU2 on the static IP you should have assigned then you need to
      set it again. The easiest way is to put the NSLU2 into upgrade mode
      again via Reboot or reset button. Then load the official Linksys
      firmware. Then use the supplied Linksys CD to find the NSLU2 and set
      the IP or via the webgui if you can access it. Config you IP settings
      and then flash again with the Debian Firmware.

      I used a 2GB flash drive in port 1 and let the guided install partition
      and format the stick. Partman created a 92MB swap partition and the
      reset was used for /. It did seem to hang on 33% and I left it for a
      few mins and it continued.
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