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6287Re: Newbie need help

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  • micheal_314
    Apr 10, 2007
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "alvindustin" <alvindustin@...>
      > hi all! i just joined your group and wish to know information and help
      > on getting NSLU2 started. for the past 2 weeks i've done many readings
      > through our website and other website regarding NSLU2. however, i
      > havent seen a web page which teaches step by step setting up of a
      > NSLU2. I currently have a win desktop, 1 SuSe linux desktop, 1 ibook
      > and 1 win laptop. i'm using my linux as a home server thru samba and i
      > wish to replace it with a less power hungry device like NSLU2.
      > I wish to have the following network service running in my future NSLU2:
      > -samba
      > -http
      > -mt-daapd
      > is there any step by step guide to installing and setting up a NSLU2?
      > and which of the services above should i install first and in order?
      > -my sis arranges her music by directories in the names of artists, all
      > these directories are under a directory called "Music". my question
      > is, if i edit the mt-daapd.conf and put the mp3 dir as /Music, will
      > mt-daapd be able to go "deep" to search for songs (like searching its
      > subdir for songs)? how many levels of dir can mt-daapd "see"?
      > i wish you could help me, any form of help will be greatly
      > appreciated. I want to thank you all in advance and i thank you all
      > for your patience if i'm too noob for all these setup.
      > thank you and have a good day ahead!
      > best regards,
      > alvin dustin
      You basically have to read up (as you have done), then flash the NSLU
      by following EXACTLY the Readme (that comes with the firmware image).
      Then most of the apps you want have some guidance/info in the HowTo
      pages. The other thing I recommend is to capture the commands you
      execute and system responses to a file (via either cut/paste or even
      manually) so you can have a record for troubleshooting later (if
      Remember, many people have flashed many NSLU2 boxes with lots of
      success and only rarely making unrecoverable errors so relaax and
      have fun!
      Learn a lot and good luck.
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