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6286Newbie need help

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  • alvindustin
    Apr 9, 2007
      hi all! i just joined your group and wish to know information and help
      on getting NSLU2 started. for the past 2 weeks i've done many readings
      through our website and other website regarding NSLU2. however, i
      havent seen a web page which teaches step by step setting up of a
      NSLU2. I currently have a win desktop, 1 SuSe linux desktop, 1 ibook
      and 1 win laptop. i'm using my linux as a home server thru samba and i
      wish to replace it with a less power hungry device like NSLU2.

      I wish to have the following network service running in my future NSLU2:


      is there any step by step guide to installing and setting up a NSLU2?
      and which of the services above should i install first and in order?

      -my sis arranges her music by directories in the names of artists, all
      these directories are under a directory called "Music". my question
      is, if i edit the mt-daapd.conf and put the mp3 dir as /Music, will
      mt-daapd be able to go "deep" to search for songs (like searching its
      subdir for songs)? how many levels of dir can mt-daapd "see"?

      i wish you could help me, any form of help will be greatly
      appreciated. I want to thank you all in advance and i thank you all
      for your patience if i'm too noob for all these setup.

      thank you and have a good day ahead!

      best regards,
      alvin dustin
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