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6283"Old Timer" Needs SLUG help

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  • Rick
    Apr 1, 2007
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      I spent a couple of hours last night on the WiKi and web pages but
      could not find an answer. I have had a slug for some time now, feels
      like ages! The last time I messed with it was when v2.3R29 5.5-beta
      first came out. Well I have not touched it since and have not had any
      problems whatsoever.

      Due to this fact of having no problems I did not even remember the IP
      address to log in. My HD filled up and it was time to add another one
      so I purchased a Maxtor 3200 500MB yesterday. Searched the web for
      some time and remember something about when plugging in a drive
      needing to send a unSLUng command. Could not find any mention of it
      so I went into the web interface, formatted Drive 2 did a Disk1 to
      Disk2 backup overnight and all was well 250GB of data copied.

      Now I hear there are a lot of wonderful features to the 6.x version
      including NTFS which I want to try out. Now that I have my original
      DISK1 copied to DISK2 I did some tests powering down, taking DISK1
      off and plugging disk 2 into Disk1 and powering up again. All still
      seems well. Does this now mean I can do a clean install on disk1
      (formatting and all then install v6.x) and then inserting my DISK 2
      after the new setup and backup from one to the other again so I am
      back to where I was with the new verison?

      If this works out then I plan on running out and buying another
      Maxtor 500 MB and installing it as the 2nd disk for nightly backups
      and taking my 250MB drive and just leaving it as
      a "Trash/Temp/Holding Bin" drive. I do a lot of Photos and DV so I am