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6096Re: [nslu2-general] newbie with a few questions, thanks in advance

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  • Marcel Nijenhof
    Mar 1, 2007
      On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 02:05 +0000, John wrote:

      A lot depends realy on the distribution you run (e.g. linksys firmware,
      unslung, openslug, debian) and the time you want to spent tweaking
      the system.

      > 3) I read real quick that multiple disks may cause problems? I wanted
      > to have 2 disks (hopeing for 1x200GB and 1x300GB -since I already
      > have those drives, just need to get USB enclosures)

      Two drives should work without problems.
      There might be some restrictions under certain distribution you

      > 4) Are partions possible? Not horrible thing if they're not, I can
      > always just make \Music \Video subfolders.

      You need a native disk for unslung and the linksys firmware. That disk
      has a very strict partition schema. I am not sure if the other disk
      is correctly mounted if there are partitions on it. But even then it
      is possible to get it working.

      For other distributions are probably even more flexible.

      > 5) Can I load these drives on my PC in Windows Vista before connecting
      > to NSLU2? Or do I have to format on the NSLU2 then copy everything
      > over via network?


      For unslung you can choose between different filesystems with
      the restriction that one disk is the "native" disk which has
      to be ext3.
      For the other disk you can choose between ext3, fat and ntfs
      but there are problems with the ntfs driver so i wouldn't use
      Even if you choose ext3 you are able to write to the disk with:

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