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6095newbie with a few questions, thanks in advance

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  • John
    Feb 28, 2007
      Newbie here considering purchasing the NSLU2 and creating a media server.

      I would like it to be able to do a few other things too. I know some
      of this is possible, but is it easy for a linux newbie to do?

      1) Serve Audio/Video to Windows Vista, Xbox Media Center and an Xbox
      360? I'm not sure of the 360.

      2) Download/upload torrents. Enhanced Ctorrent with some script to
      automatically start/end torrents on a share? This part confuses me a
      lot. Basically I want to be able to from Windows send it a torrent
      file, and it automatically start up. If anyone has used the webui for
      Azureus (or utorrent? i never tried that one), then you know how you
      can just go to http://whateverip and adjust all the settings via a
      webinterface. Is that at all possible with any torrent program that is
      NSLU compatible?

      3) I read real quick that multiple disks may cause problems? I wanted
      to have 2 disks (hopeing for 1x200GB and 1x300GB -since I already
      have those drives, just need to get USB enclosures)

      4) Are partions possible? Not horrible thing if they're not, I can
      always just make \Music \Video subfolders.

      5) Can I load these drives on my PC in Windows Vista before connecting
      to NSLU2? Or do I have to format on the NSLU2 then copy everything
      over via network?

      Thanks again.
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