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  • dazealex
    Jan 3, 2007
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      I am trying to write Web frontend for dnsmasq. And was wondering if
      you could share your PERL code with us? It maybe help me get started.
      Also, if anyone knows of an existing frontend, please advise!



      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Adrian Pirciu" <adixor@...> wrote:
      > I dunno about that but I found transmissioncli (the command-line part
      > of the transmission torrent package) and it works flawlessly, if you
      > can get used with the limited information, statistics or features it
      > has. So far, on unslung 6.8, I used it for the last week (10 torrents
      > ~ 20 GB of data) and it's just ok, not a single error, and it seems I
      > can live without the statistics. It also consumes VERY LITTLE memory
      > (rtorrent consumes much more). And it took me only half a Saturday to
      > make a simple webinterface in Perl for it :) (for those interested, I
      > can publish it as a demo, though I am not a programmer and it doesn't
      > look that great).
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