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5743Unslung -> OpenSlug (dnsmasq dies)

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  • dazealex
    Dec 31, 2006
      Hi guys,

      I've been using Unslung for over two years now, I guess. It has worked
      great, and an essential part of my home network. I decided to take the
      plunge into OpenSlug 3.10-beta since I had gotten better with Linux.
      All is working fine, except:

      - No DISK 1 or DISK 2 lights (There is a 2GB flash drive in DISK 2,
      and a 180GB drive in DISK 1)
      - dnsmasq runs fine for a little while but unexpectedly quits

      Can anyone tell me how I can troubleshoot those two items? First is
      mostly an annoyance, but the second item is important to resolve. I
      don't see any log files /var/log.

      Please advise,


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