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5575Re: [nslu2-general] downgrading cpio package

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  • Robert Hammond
    Nov 30, 2006
      In message <20061129231358.33sb36tnq8kos8k8@group.e-medico.com>, "Ernest
      Hymel, MD, PhD" <ehymel@...> writes
      >Hi all,
      >Today I made the mistake of running "ipkg upgrade" on a system that
      >was working perfectly well. For many months I have been using rsync
      >and several custom scripts to back up a server in my home. One of
      >these scripts uses the cpio command. Today's "upgrade" changed my cpio
      >version from 2.5 to 2.6 (I think that's the old version). This has now
      >broken my backup routine, in that cpio now complains about symbolic
      >links that point to non-existent targets. It would appear that cpio
      >now checks for the existence of the target of the soft link, and if it
      >doesn't exist then I get a "No such file or directory" error.
      >I would like to downgrade cpio to the previous version. I have found
      >the .ipk file for version 2.5, but I can't seem to get ipkg to install
      >it without automatically upgrading to version 2.6:
      >//LKG0F90FA# ipkg remove cpio
      >Removing package cpio from root...
      >//LKG0F90FA# ipkg install
      >Installing cpio (2.6-3) to root...
      >Configuring cpio
      >Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Not the same problem as your but I think that something is broken here.
      Theoretically I also have the optware cpio version 2.6-3 loaded but when
      I do either cpio --version or /opt/bin/cpio --version it returns
      version. I have no version 2.6 on my NSLU2 ??.

      To correct your problem firstly un-install using ipkg remove cpio.
      A backup of the default version 2.5 is stored in the flash ram so you
      just need to copy it over to the correct folder. The following should
      do this.

      cp -a /initrd/usr/bin/cpio /usr/bin/cpio
      Robert Hammond
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