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5571amuled on NSLU2 help

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  • Cliff Hill
    Nov 29 9:33 AM
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      I am currently running Debian/NSLU2 (etch d-i RC1) on my slug (266MHz
      modded), and am attempting to run two copies of amuled on it (one for me,
      one for my roommate). My problem is that amuled seems to ramp up and
      eventually completely overrun my slug's processor, with most of the CPU
      being used in "iowait" status. It seems to be some kind of a process leak.
      Testing has made me actually think it is more to do with the number of
      connections & waiting in queues, or possibly downloading.

      I have reconfigured both of the amuled daemons to be nice'd at 19, which
      somewhat slowed the process, but didn't halt it. I then set both of the
      amuled servers to have a QueueSizePref=0 value (stopping any upload queues
      from forming), which I'd rather not have to do, but it did slow the "process
      leaking" considerably, extending the time I have to restart the daemons from
      once every other hour, to about once every 24 hours. I have played around
      with the max number of connections to no avail -- too low and they simply
      refuse to download anything. Too high, and eventually the download
      connections will also "leak" the CPU usage and I need to restart the
      daemons. I even installed cpulimit, and have that running in such a way as
      to force control over the CPU usage, which helped, extending the time I need
      to restart the daemons to now once every other day or so -- but it didn't
      stop the problem completely.

      Right now, I have "MaxConnections" on both daemons set to 20, with
      "MaxConnectionsPerFiveSeconds" set to 10. I drop sources that don't have
      any parts I need (rather than the "high CPU use" option that I forget what
      it is called), I also have adjusted my amuled to drop sources that have me
      put on queues of 600 or more, and if it takes longer than 60 minutes to wait
      in the queue (all in efforts to cut down the process use I've been seeing,
      but I can't guarantee that those settings are really impacting anything).

      I can provide listings of the amule.conf files, or anything else if people
      want. I have everything else I want on the slug working exactly as I want
      it, it is just amuled that seems to want to overload my little server.

      Any help, suggestions, or pointers would be appreciated.

      "I'm not responcabel fer my computer's spleling errnors" - Xlorep DarkHelm
      Website: http://darkhelm.org

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