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537Re: Unsling 2 "FIXES PROBLEMS !!!! "

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  • chockenbarger@cox.net
    Dec 29, 2004
      I did the same thing, with the exact same results! I have been
      fighting with the NSLU2 for months, found this group, read how to
      unsling my setup, and I haven't had a problem in over a month. My
      drives were recognized, all the data I had put on them before the
      problems started was still there, and it rocks!

      Thanks for all the helpful hints in this group and a great piece of
      code in the beta 2 of unslung.

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "K. Carter Sr."
      <KC.Lists.Development@C...> wrote:
      > I finally got the new unslung version, Beta 2. I've been waiting for
      > it, not so much for the unslinging capabilities, but for the patch
      > in it that fixes the USB chipset problems. Heck you don't even need
      > to unsling it for that. But for the 'many' of us who have harddrives
      > in enclosures (or direct USB to IDE converter cable, as in my case)
      > that refuse to work, giving "Not Formatted" messages, locking up, or
      > poor network performance. "IT WORKS>>"
      > I purposefully (is that a word?) didn't reformat my drives and
      > instead let them sit, waiting, non functioning, until I could get my
      > hands on this release when it was ready.
      > ALL you have to do is flash the NSLU2 with beta 2 and don't bother
      > with unslinging it(Unless your going to be developing for it or
      > using stuff developed by others).
      > The 2 "Non Formatted" hard drives on mine - came to life! All my
      > files are back, I can even stream videos simutaneously from it!
      > Where is Linksys? Do they even know that they are selling thousands
      > of NSLU2's to non-savvy consumers that for a HUGE percentage of them
      > won't even work. Filling the stores return desks with believed to be
      > broken units that have a simple bug in their driver that Linksys
      > should have not missed in the first place? Then they ignore the
      > cries from their customers and pass them on to India somewhere. WHY?
      > Many Thanks to the Unslingers
      > K. Carter
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