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5277Final Word on mounting nslu2 ext3 formatted drive on Mac OS X 10.4.8

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  • alexmathew
    Oct 14, 2006
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      I bought the nslu2 based on Toms Hardware review:

      specifically the part that says:
      "Being too lazy to take my NSLU2 initialized disk downstairs to my Mandrake Linux
      system, I downloaded ext2 (a subset of ext3) drivers for my MacOs X iBook and plugged
      the disk into its USB port.
      Tip: The Mac OS X ext2 drivers I used can be downloaded from the ext2 for Mac OS X
      SourceForge project. There is also a read-only ext2 driver for Windows NT/2000/XP that
      you can try here. It was used to create the screenshot shown in Figure 3.
      Up popped two mounted filesystems: a large filesystem with all of my data files on it, and
      a small ..."

      I also used the nlsu2 Wiki as a reference - it did not address the specific issue but I
      assumed that things would go well when I tried to mount the EXT3 formatted drive on my
      Mac OS X.

      However, after much trial and error and days of searching through the net - I have come
      to the following conclusions - please correct me if I am wrong - and then I will post this
      on the Wiki.

      1. nslu2 must have a drive formattd in EXT3 to even change the basic admin password - a
      FAT formatted drive is open to everyone to login and you cannot setup additional shares,
      users and groups if there is only one FAT drive attached to the nslu2. (This was not for me
      - an unsecured drive on my network - with all my data!!)

      2. The EXT3 format used by nslu2 is actually an EXT3 Journaled format - its not possible
      to force a simple EXT3 format.

      3. EXT2FS, the utility mentioned in the review at
      is broken with 10.4.8 with respect to mounting EXT3 Journaled drives - disks will show in
      the prefernce pane but cannot be mounted. USB or Firewire has nothing to do with it. So I
      have to asssume that Toms Hardware reviewer used an older version of Mac OS X (which I
      dont have) or I'm missing something.

      Thus the nslu2 is unsuitable at this moment for Mac OS X 10.4.8 users who were hoping
      to get plug-n-play use from the EXT3 formatted drive from the nslu2.

      I'm using the latest firmware from Linksys - no software or hardware hacks to the nlsu2.