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5271Re: Home website problems with nslu2, wrt54g and NTL

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  • mrkzander
    Oct 12, 2006
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, MATTNOZ <matt@...> wrote:
      > I heard about the NSLU2 and wanted to setup a home web server. My
      > connection is with NTL and limited to 50meg of web space, that is
      > So I bought a slug and followed the guide:
      > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/SimpleHomeWebsite
      > I am also using a WRT54G router, which will automatically update
      > dyndns.org account settings. I have also set it to port-forward to
      my slug,
      > disabled the firewall and turned off all block WAN requests tick
      > (Filter Multicast etc…)
      > OK everything works fine within my LAN. If I type
      > “http://mywebsite.dyndns.com” into IE or Firefox I see my
      shiny new website.
      > However from the WAN side it doesn’t work.
      > However I can ping “mywebsite.dyndns.com” from the WAN side!!
      (and the slug
      > flashes)
      > Could it be a problem with my router or is it an NTL thing??
      > Any help would be appreciated
      > Matt (NSLU2 newbie)

      Make sure that your web server is reporting the
      name 'mywebsite.dyndns.com' and not its internal IP address to
      If your web server is saying that it is then you will
      be able to access it internally, but no external client will have a
      route to that IP address. 'Cause it only exists on your internal
      I'm not sure what HTTP server you are using but with Apache2 it
      would be in the http.conf file and a setting called 'ServerName'
      If you have the 'ServerName' value properly set
      then 'UseCanonicalName' may be set wrong.

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