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5132Re: [nslu2-general] DebianSlug: SquirrelMail/Privoxy veeery slooooow?

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  • Ingo Flaschberger
    Sep 12, 2006
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      >> type "free" at a ssh/telnet console.
      >> It seems, that the box is heavily in swap.
      > Yes; I've been playing with vmstat and it's swapping like MAD.


      > Understandable, of course; I'm loading the poor thing quite a bit. I may have
      > to get a second one and offload some onto it, since increasing ram is a bit
      > dicey for me.

      me too

      >> Shurely not.
      >> You can compare it with a pentium ~160 with 24mb ram, thats true.
      >> In this box not the cpu is the limitation but ram.
      > So I'm noticing. Not sure what to do with it yet, though. Pity there's no
      > cheap way to add those extra sticks of old memory to the thing... (heh)

      easier than nslu2 :P

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