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4817NSLU2 AWOL - help!

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  • Dave Licence
    Jul 11, 2006
      Hi All,
      NSLU2 with UnSlung 3 installed on it (I know its old, but its been
      working for ages with no problems till now)

      Last night I used the backup function to backup files to a shared
      location on the network - this worked OK except for one of the jobs
      which started, and then read 'Permission denied' in the log file. I
      thought nothing of it but maybe its caused my problems.

      After other backups had finished the NSLU was still accessible over
      the network.

      This morning, Windows stated that the drive mapping to the NSLU2 drive
      was no longer valid. I went to the web config pages for the NSLU and
      could initially see the drive contents, but on accessing the admin
      pages it stated it could not read the drive settings. I tried a reboot
      from the web pages but this had no effect on the device.

      I reset the device manually.

      Now the NSLU boots up - it recognises the drive attached and I can see
      the lights on the box and the drive blinking like they normally do
      when the box starts up (initialises Twonky and refreshes the twonky DB
      so a lot of initial activity). However it is not accessible through
      the usual IP address I assigned it, the router admin pages say that it
      is apparently not connected (although the light is on for the port
      into which it is plugged), and the utility that came with the NSLU2
      that is supposed to detect a box plugged into the network does not see
      it. I have also tried 'standard' IP addresses like and the
      one in the NSLU2 quick start guide but nothing - none of them ping.

      Anyone have any ideas what may have gone wrong? Samba up the spout or
      something? Other than that I have no clue.

      Thanks for any advice
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