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4789Re: [nslu2-general] Re: NSLU2 MailServer for Dummies

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  • bgiles@coyotesong.com
    Jul 2, 2006
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      I believe you want to set the 'relayhost' parameter in
      /etc/postfix/main.cf. I don't know what you need to do regarding
      providing authentication to that server.

      Addressing another comment, an increasing number of sites blindly reject
      all email originating at consumer IP addresses. It's harsh, but for every
      message from a technically competent user with his own domain there's
      easily 1000+ from hijacked PCs. (This is why sysadmins are not entirely
      joking when they argue for the death penalty for spammers.)

      Worse, some ISPs have started filtering outbound port 25 traffic. Same
      argument -- they're cutting down on complaints (and bandwidth) by blocking
      traffic that's 99.9+% illegitimate. Businesses should always block
      outbound port 25 traffic from all but their authorized mail servers,
      although few actually do.

      You can forward mail through your ISP, but spam strikes again. Some ISPs
      have started rewriting headers to show the 'correct' sender. E.g., while
      you wanted to send mail from "bsmith@..." they can't distinguish
      that from "customer.service@..." so they rewrite all headers as

      My approach has been running my own virtual hosted server at tummy.com.
      It's only $25/month and gets me around all of these hassles. It may not
      be cost-effective for you -- I need to eat my own dog food if I claim to
      be a competent Linux sysadmin.


      > Thanks but I can "get" emails down to the slug but I don't know how to
      > configure Postfix to send them to my ISP.
      > Any ideas ..?
      > -PF
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