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472Re: Transfer speed issues again

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  • mshilly
    Dec 2, 2004
      With windows and a clock, I measured about 4-5 MBytes per second
      transfers. The low end was with large quantities of 4MB MP3 files.
      The upper end of the range is for 1GByte vob (DVD Video) files.

      It is for sure that the NSLU2 will not max out your 100Mb network,
      however, 4Mbytes is plenty of bandwidth to serve up web pages on a
      1Mb uplink and serve NTSC DVD video to a hardware media player and
      still have something left to serve up multiple MP3 streams.

      The real question is "is there enough memory in the thing to run
      thttp and a media server at the same time?"

      Mark S.

      -- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Kalle Grabowski"
      <marcusfliss@w...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > I know there are other posts regardings this subject, sorry that I
      > have to bring it up again.
      > The starting point was an article in the current issue of c't (a
      > German IT-magazine) about NAS systems. Several of them were tested,
      > unfortunately the NSLU2 had died after they tried to update the
      > firmware so it couldn't be tested.
      > Regarding speed, there was one item from Buffalo (
      > http://www.buffalotech.co.uk/webcontent/products/storage/index.php?
      > cat=LIN&itemID=hd-h120lan ) which made between 7 and 10 MB / sec.
      > This one already has a 120 MB HDD installed but you can also add
      > USB drives.
      > The other devices were pretty slow, often only 1-2 MB / sec.
      > I tried to measure the speed of my NSLU2 with a stop watch and
      > calculated an average of 4 MB / sec.
      > What I am really interested in is whether 4 MB / sec is about it (I
      > saw this value mentioned in some other posts) or if any of you get
      > higher transfer rate, like the mentioned Buffalo Device. If you get
      > higher rates, what could the bottleneck be? My network works fine
      > far and 100 MBit/sec. is afaik comparable to 12 MB / sec.
      > What I also would like to know is whether the length of the usb
      > can have an impact on the transfer speed. Currently I am using 5
      > metres.
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